Our $25k home

‘Lil Peach’ Prototype

It took 12 days, 4 volunteers, and hundreds of listening sessions with people living on the streets to design and build our first Tiny Home. The 120 s.f. dwelling is made for one person to live and sleep and accomplish basic daily tasks. A gravity-fed water tank empties into a catch basin that can be emptied into a greenhouse or gardens. A dry toilet allows for bathroom use in the middle of the night. The home is designed to be surrounded by other simple, custom-designed homes clustered around a common house with bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, and gathering space to encourage routine interactions among Settlers. The price includes the trailer, construction materials, food for volunteers, even the spices on the spice racks. A place to be Settled. 

All our gratitude to the talented John Swee at Dodge Creative for capturing ‘home’ in these photographs.