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Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake has voted to approve working as partners with Settled. The church will be the first faith-based institution to explore creating a tiny house community called a “Sacred Settlement” on church property.

“We’re so excited to take the first step in partnering with Settled on this visionary work of building a new kind of community for the homeless," says Pastor John Klawiter. "This vote is just the beginning of a collaborative process. The intention is not to simply put tiny homes in a parking lot. We’re creating a community with green space and intentional architectural elements that support a culture of permanence, safety, and hospitality."

Development Team


John Klawiter

Senior Pastor, Faith Lutheran
The members of our congregation are deeply invested in the mission of the church, including the Scriptural command to care for the poor, and that starts with the people living in crisis in our own neighborhood. Our crucial resources—physical, emotional, and spiritual—will establish Settled’s first community site and the love and kindness necessary to repair the broken bonds that should connect us all as human beings.

Colleen Diemer

Business Lead, Ecolab
I’ve been attending Faith for 12 years. My work experience is in finance and project management and my passion is connecting people and ideas. I truly believe that we are in the right time and place in our community to build something amazing—to provide a sustainable model for changing lives.

Joe Mollner

Retired Law Enforcement
I’ve been a Faith member since 1981. I am retired from law enforcement and have experience dealing with government officials on a national and local level. This project provides a meaningful and significant way for individuals to get involved in the much-needed ministry.
Nicole Lindberg_BW

Nicole Lindberg

Senior Licensor, DHS
I am new to Faith Lutheran, with a background in social work. Working with the poor and homeless is a huge passion of mine. Community is key. If you feel like you fit somewhere, have support, and know that others generally want you to do well or get better, you can finally have confidence that it will happen.
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Jason Quill

R&D Project Manager, AtriCure
I’ve been attending Faith for 7 years, with a background in engineering and writing. The goals of the Settlement are selfless and the impact it can have on people’s lives is long-lasting and life-altering. Who can say no to that?

Jeanette Hahn

Retired Teacher
I taught music for 39 years and retired in 2009. To me, this is what following Jesus is all about. It’s our charge to serve the poor, underserved and vulnerable. The most compelling part of this project is that we are doing something very real and tangible to serve and provide for a population that desperately needs a chance.

Aaron Parker

Principal Architect, Metropeligo


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