Sacred Settlement Mosaic is open.

Established October 2022

Mosaic Christian Community exists to mobilize and equip the community of Christ into a lifestyle of hospitality. For Mosaic, that means using every square inch on the property for being a safe, hospitable place for all people. We welcome strangers, invite them to be guests and equip them to be hosts. Sacred Settlement Mosaic is key to that vision.As the first Sacred Settlement, Mosaic hopes to stand as a small example of what happens when a few people say 'Yes' to the invitation to welcome strangers, invite them to be guests and equip them to be hosts.

Settlement team.
Jourdan Suos

As a pastor at Mosaic I build connections between the church and Sacred Settlement. I assist in creating a safe and hospitable space in the building and property for the settlement neighbors, Mosaic community and Eastside neighbors. As a neighbor to the Settlement my role is to welcome and be a friend to our new neighbors. Both roles are important for building relationships and helping people understand and support one another.

Stewardship team
Ricky and Meredith Campbell

We were first drawn to Mosaic because of its intentionality to be good neighbors to all people. That's why we stayed, and that's why we see Sacred Settlement Mosaic as an integral part of this church's mission. You'll find our entire family spending evenings at the Sacred Settlement as we oversee most of its functions, including developing supportive relationships between every person who walks through the doors.

Sing Vang

A longtime friend of Mosaic's families and staff, I see how the church's mission is tied directly to providing a safe and hospitable place for people to live. Part of my role is joining with the property manager to ensure everything is functional and assisting with maintenance.

Team member
Veva Myles

One of the first things that brought me to Mosaic and keeps me at the church — and involved with the Sacred Settlement — is the welcoming and hospitable environment and hearts of everyone here. Part of my role at Sacred Settlement Mosaic is helping others with purposeful work and finding ways to more deeply build relationships.

Team member
Doug Plate

I have been excited to be part of Sacred Settlement Mosaic and I am amazed at what God has done in establishing this community. I'm looking forward with a sense of expectation as friendships continue to build, challenges are overcome and more faith communities join this fantastic movement.

Team member
Paul Ewing

I have lived on the Eastside for a long time now, and Sacred Settlement Mosaic is one of the brightest expressions of the role of the church that I have seen. I am learning how deeper relationships and the community-first model can make us all better.

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People Coming Out of Chronic Homelessness


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Lot Size

1 acre

Size of Faith Community

25 Households

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