Mosaic Christian Community

01 SSM Church

“We want to welcome strangers, invite them to be guests,
and equip them to be hosts.”

Upcoming Sacred Settlement

Mosaic Christian Community

For 75 years, 540 E. Wheelock Parkway was home to the First Church of the Nazarene. Today, it is still a ministry of the Nazarene with the same devotion to care for the poor, the outcast, the stranger. Mosaic Christian Community exists to equip and mobilize people into a lifestyle of hospitality through the means of a resource center for connecting neighbors with one another and with services throughout the city.

The faith community is made up of people from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, representing many generations, with different educational and economical experiences — all coming together to love one another and serve their neighbors, including their homeless ones.

Development Team


Jeff O'Rourke

Senior Pastor, Mosaic
In 2012 my wife Jessica and our three boys moved to Saint Paul. God had put a vision on our hearts to plant a neighborhood equipping church. A faith community that would reflect and appreciate the diverse culture of its neighborhood. As strangers to the neighborhood, Christlike Hospitality became our bridge to engage other strangers, invite them to be guests and equip them to be hosts. This stranger, guest, host process guides, shapes and filters everything we do at Mosaic. Settled and their community first approach to homelessness, seamlessly weaves into the fabric of that process. A Sacred Settlement at Mosaic would equip our community to not only continue that process but be recipients of it as these pioneering settlers become hosts themselves.

Ricky Campbell

Sacred Settlement Lead, Mosaic
One of the things that first drew me to Mosaic and has kept me here is its people, and its people's heart for people. We learn more about God when we learn to love people, whatever they've gone through or are going through. Mosaic is rich in diversity and it shows God's heart for all people. That includes people who are currently experiencing homelessness. All are welcome, come as you are, because there's always more room at the table.

Jeff Suos

NextGen Pastor, Mosaic
My life has been enriched by the diversity of people I've been able to meet. It's part of the reason why my wife, Jourdan, and I decided to move to the Payne Phalen neighborhood and to be on staff at Mosaic Christian Community. We wanted to be a part of a ministry that was meeting its neighbors and Mosaic's neighbors are incredibly diverse. We have so much to learn from those who are experiencing homelessness and I believe this neighborhood can be the reason why individuals facing homelessness can come out of it. There are plenty of ideas out there on how to combat homelessness, but I love that Settled is a community first approach.

Nathan & Hli Thin

Member of Mosaic
We grew up on the east side of St Paul, and attend Mosaic. We both work with the people of this community and have seen the struggles they face on a daily basis. Sometimes, when you sit and listen to their stories, you feel their pain of hopelessness; like there is no way out of their situation. But, as Christ-followers, we believe that God calls us into their lives for that one reason; to bring hope. We believe Sacred Settlement can be another way to bring hope into hopeless hearts in our Mosaic community. We believe it also gives us the opportunity to lead in our community against homelessness. What better way to show the hope of Christ, than to shelter those who are hopeless.

Elisha Watkins

Member of Mosaic
I believe it’s important to know each other’s struggles in life in order to help one another. I don’t want to assume or judge, I would rather ask and know what someone is going through. It would be a better world if we helped each other.

Sing & Malee Vang

Member of Mosaic
Malee and I have been residents of East St. Paul for over 10 years but have been involved with the community for over 20. Through the ministry of Mosaic in partnership with Refugee Life Ministries, we have had the pleasure of serving a displaced overseas family over the past two years and continue to walk alongside them with the inevitable cultural challenges they face. Similarly, Settled gives us the opportunity to serve displaced members of our community in a practical and tangible way through their challenging times.